Dunhill Ecopark

Dunhill Ecopark is an enterprise park with a difference. Established by members of the Dunhill community in 2000, we are a social enterprise whose mission is to cultivate an entrepreneurial culture and facilitate job creation.services including:
Artisan foods and beverages
Bread and confectionary
Organic Skincare Production
Furniture design
Travel agency
Plant hire
Research and development facilities
IT software business
Electrical suppliers
Book suppliers
Child play therapy
Holistic massage and Reiki therapy
Suppliers of coffee and tea machines
Financial services
Shipping consultancy
Rural transport service
Resident historian;
Rural development office;
Hairdressing and beauty salon
A number of successful businesses which were incubated in Dunhill grew significantly and migrated to other locations. A number of enterprises did not succeed and closed.

This economic activity happened in an area where comparable jobs would not otherwise have been available and with minimal financial support from the state and was developed and managed by volunteers.

In addition, we have pioneered two pilot projects researching potential for social enterprise development and community tourism: a sense of place which are funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-2013 (INTERREG 4A)